CRAFT Science outline

Creative (How) Relevant (How) Audience (Who) Format (What) Take home message (why)

7 primary story themes

1) Overcoming the Monster; 2) Rags to Riches; 3) The Quest; 4) Voyage and Return; 5) Comedy; 6) Tragedy; and 7) Rebirth.

Frame Theory: how to frame your conflict

  • social progress
  • economic development
  • moral or ethical right
  • scientific uncertainty
  • Pandora’s box
  • public accountability
  • middle way
  • conflict strategy
  1. Set the message
    • define a clear and distinct take home message
  2. Set the frame of the story
    • decide on one or two Frames from which you will describe your narrative. What emotional process are you trying to appeal to.
  3. Story theme
    • The theme describe the progress of the narrative. Overcoming the monster is a common one in science because the problem can be set as the monster.
  4. Building emotional ties
    • events
      • What are the actions that take place, where are there, who is involved
    • characters
      • What people are connected, is the feature your studying a character
    • conflict/resolution
    • causality/agency
      • How can the characters or the audience play a role in the process.
  5. Checking back with CRAFT. If we take a look at the process so far we’ve address quite a few of the aspects of CRAFT.


Audience is a group ranging from professionals to students who are interested in GIS and probably know very little about CWRs. I know this from knowing the venue that I’m presenting at.

Take home message

Take home message is loud and clear. There is a challenge and geospatial knowledge is needed.


This will be presentation but I’m building it around a story of a well know crop. I’m framing in around the SSI of genetic modification and suggesting a right and less dramatic alternative to the current process.


This is really about the future of food and how folks in this audience can help. At the end I tie there skills to part of the solution.


There is a lot of room for growth in this area but it’s a start. As the presentation comes together I think there will be a lot of opportunity to make it something more creative. Specifically showing visualizations of the problem at hand.