What is this for?

My efforts here are about the testing of ideas. Taking concepts and refining them through the writing and editing practice. The end goal is making use of the concepts through my experiences. I don’t expect them all to be fruitful. I expect there to be contradictions and variability among the ideas. I expect them to be outdated, replaced, ignored, and sometimes wrong. It’s all a progress report, not an end point.

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Books of 2023

The best book of the year was the Scout Mindset by Julia Galef It made...

2 minute read

Learning about mistakes

As evident by the frequency of posts on this platform. I am not a consistent...

3 minute read

Telling a real story

What we be without wishful thinking Regardless of the stage and relative wellbeing of life...

3 minute read

What changes over time

Changes day by day I keep a daily journal. It requires about 10 minutes of...

3 minute read

Working out what is enough

Doing more We’re constantly faced with the question of “Should I maintain what I have...

2 minute read

The Relative Nature of Things

During lunch the other day, I overheard a short segment of a conversation between two...

2 minute read

The Squeakiest Wheel

The information we are exposed to directly shapes what we care about. Most of the...

3 minute read