What is this for?

My efforts here are about the testing of ideas. Taking concepts and refining them through the writing and editing practice. The end goal is making use of the concepts through my experiences. I don’t expect them all to be fruitful. I expect there to be contradictions and variability among the ideas. I expect them to be outdated, replaced, ignored, and sometimes wrong. It’s all a progress report, not an end point.

Books of 2022

Books of 2022

I read much less this year then in years past. There are a few reasons for this that all center around my prioritization of reading and writing.

The best book of the year was The Moral Animal by Robert Wright. A introduction to modern Darwinism, this was almost painfully enlightening. Much like the games changes of the past (Jared Diamond/ Yuval Noah Harari) Wright give so much context on what is means to be a human.

A lesson from each book of 2021.


These books are fun and help me keep a consistent reading habit.

The Golem’s Eye by Jonathan Stroud

  • The is a real cost to climbing the ladder.

It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It by Robert Fulghum

  • Trust in the value of your own stories.


These are texts that I read with consideration and take limited written notes.

If Aristotle’s Kid Had an IPod by Conor Gallagher

  • If you can be virtuous, do what should be done without thinking about it, things will come together.

The Moral Animal by Robert Wright

  • Knowing the cards your dealt is the best tool for being able to act outside their influence.

The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace

  • Committing to a action everyday does wonders to allowing something to happen over the long run.

The Shelter of Each Other by Mary Pipher

  • Let your life start at your family.


I treat these books as work. I won’t pick on up unless I know I can commit some time and attention to it.

Base Strength by Alex Bromley

  • Thoughtful strength training can tell you so much about how to grow in other aspects of life.

The Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray

  • Practice giving others a generous evaluation of their actions.

The World Beyond Your Head by Matthew Crawford

  • Our attention is a product of our personal values, but it’s unclear from where we are obtaining those personal values.

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