Books of 2022

Books of 2022

I read much less this year then in years past. There are a few reasons for this that all center around my prioritization of reading and writing.

The best book of the year was The Moral Animal by Robert Wright. A introduction to modern Darwinism, this was almost painfully enlightening. Much like the games changes of the past (Jared Diamond/ Yuval Noah Harari) Wright give so much context on what is means to be a human.

A lesson from each book of 2021.


These books are fun and help me keep a consistent reading habit.

The Golem’s Eye by Jonathan Stroud

  • The is a real cost to climbing the ladder.

It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It by Robert Fulghum

  • Trust in the value of your own stories.


These are texts that I read with consideration and take limited written notes.

If Aristotle’s Kid Had an IPod by Conor Gallagher

  • If you can be virtuous, do what should be done without thinking about it, things will come together.

The Moral Animal by Robert Wright

  • Knowing the cards your dealt is the best tool for being able to act outside their influence.

The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace

  • Committing to a action everyday does wonders to allowing something to happen over the long run.

The Shelter of Each Other by Mary Pipher

  • Let your life start at your family.


I treat these books as work. I won’t pick on up unless I know I can commit some time and attention to it.

Base Strength by Alex Bromley

  • Thoughtful strength training can tell you so much about how to grow in other aspects of life.

The Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray

  • Practice giving others a generous evaluation of their actions.

The World Beyond Your Head by Matthew Crawford

  • Our attention is a product of our personal values, but it’s unclear from where we are obtaining those personal values.

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